teamRadio Atlantis is controlled by a Board of Directors. The Board is made up of members of the community elected at an annual general meeting. There are ten board members including the Station Manager who is an ex-officio member. The board meets four times per year. The station manager manages the day-to-day running of  Radio Atlantis, assisted by a small team of full-time employees. Most of our on-air work is performed by volunteers from our communities.

Current  Staff Members

Station Manager: Rachel Watson
Cell: 061 411 6205

Finance Manager: Rachel Georgia
Cell: 078 240 2874

Production Officer: Neorisha Julius
Cell: 076 715 8913

Radio Producer: Clement Trussell
Cell: 084 633 1549

Current Board Members

Chairperson: Allister Lightburn

Deputy Chairperson: Dean Goliath

Secretary: Carneta Petersen

Deputy Secretary: Sharon Solomons

Treasurer: Marshall Jullies

Additional Member: Roseline Victor

Additional Member: Alfred Wagenstroom

Additional Member: Ansa Booysen

Additional Member: Magdalene Von Willen

Station Manager: Rachel Watson