On air since 1995, Radio Atlantis provides an important social service to members of the community, empowering men, women and youth by building skills and assisting with job creation initiatives. If you would like to see us continue our work please show your support through a financial contribution to:

Radio Atlantis 107 9 FM NPC
Bank: Nedbank Atlantis
Branch Code: 126621
Account : 1106583116

For more information on other ways you can support the activities of Radio Atlantis please email: manager@radioatlantis.org.za

Radio Atlantis recognizes the generous support of our donors who are essential to the station’s continued success:


UNESCO thumbRadio Atlantis is a beneficiary of UNESCO’s project “Empowering Local Radios with ICTs”. This project aims to  improve the programming quality, provide training on the use of technology and help local radio stations to increase their geographical range of news coverage with a network of correspondents. The project, furthermore, focuses on gender equality actions and financial sustainability of the radio stations.

Media Diversity and Development Agency

MDDARadio Atlantis is a beneficiary of the MDDA’s community broadcasting programme. The MDDA supported the installation of our on-air studio and transmitter mast in 2009.

Children’s Radio Foundation (CRF)

 Children's Radio FoundationRadio Atlantis is  part of the CRF’s Young Reporter’s network. CRF assists 18 radio station across South Africa (including Radio Atlantis) to empower youth reporters to share stories from their communities.