Sherwood Park residents took a stand on Saturday 10 September 2016 when they took to the streets with a petition that was handed over to Counselor Barbara Rass to ban quad bikes within the residential areas.  This march comes after seven year old Jesse Stevens were killed in a quad bike accident in July this year.

Jesse’s mother, two brothers and other family members took the lead with placards making people aware of their plight to fight quad bikes within the residential areas.  According to Azeezah Bieding the organizer of the march it is a growing concern that parents still allow children to drive quad bikes on open roads.  Counselor Rass promised to get back to residents within three weeks after handing the petition over to a representative from the mayoral office.

Azeezah added that accidents like these can be avoided if the law is enforced and quad bikes are removed if found driving in public areas.  There should be designated areas for quad bikes to ensure the safety of other road users.  No one has yet been arrested for the death of Jesse Stevens.

Story by: Murphy Roberts – Radio Atlantis News Team